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AG report will be sent to Congress this hour- doh! they have it---it's "brief"

I’ve been compulsively refreshing Twitter all day to watch for word of the AG’s summary going out to Congress. Crowds are gathering outside the DOJ.

Multiple news outlets reporting it will be sent about 3:45. Pete Williams reporting this—-no word if the same summary will go to the press.If nothing else, we got a weekend without the tweeting of the White House madman for 2 days. Interesting point—if it’s sent to “Congress” including the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee—-he’s with Trump today.

Good luck to us—I don’t think anything will be the same after this—no matter what it says. Remember, this is not MUELLER’s report. It is Barr and Rosenstein’s summary of it. We need to remember that until someone we can trust reads the actual report or we see it ourselves.


Nadler just posted he has “a brief letter”.

Pete is reading it live on MSNBC now

Mueller essentially leaves the final disposition to the AG. WTF Bob?


Barr says he and Rosenstein did not find the evidence enough to proceed.

Link to the letter.



Looks like Congress is going to need to fight for the full detail.   They don’t want to give the Grand Jury testimony.   

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