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Agador on a Bar Hop!

Agador and Friends are on a bar hop in celebration of Mr. Agador's birthday! The Old Port is a great place to bar hop.

I'm three beers in, and currently in an Irish pub listening to a band play hits from the 80's and the 90's and watching the Red Sox game. We started at another pub for food, but we plan on hitting more bars and clubs. I will live blog my drunk experience.

Irish Pub: Guiness and Allagash White. My friend has given me a backrub and I never realized how good they felt while drunk. Also, thank god for autocorrect.


Tap House Next To A Club: Bass Ale. The group decided that we'd have another beer at one more establishment before hitting some clubs. Mr. Agador got a giant mug of a Brooklyn something. All I know is that my bass was 2.50. I like this place, the beer is cheap.

Some Club On Wharf Street: Nothing. Waaaay too gone to get anything. Instead we just danced like idiots. It was fun.

Some Other Club On Wharf Street: More nothing! We all got water, which is probably a good idea. I still enjoy the use of autocorrect, otherwise I would be totally incoherent. I'm looking forward to when we can pass out at our hotel room.

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