Btw, I'm not entirely sure how sharing articles works, but just in case it only lets you comment on the original article I thought of creating a new Groupthink-specific post here to let Groupthink folks comment freely without getting in arguments with Kotaku posters.

EDIT: since we are going to discuss the game here, I thought of copy-and-paste-ing my comment in the introduction of the article I shared:

"Bayonetta is extremely controversial among feminists. Some of us hate her and find her game sexist, some of us love her and find her game empowering.

Personally, I wouldn't go so far as to call her "empowering," but overall I like her. While she certainly has plenty of problematic elements, she also kicks more ass than any male action hero, is 100% in control all the time (except once) and has complete agency, has shotguns on her feet, and her hair turns into a huge-ass dragon that devours her enemies like cheetos.

Plus, the game passes the Bechdel test with flying colours, and puts a lot of emphasis on the relationship between women and the importance of supporting each others like sisters. That one time I mentioned when Bayonetta wasn't in control? [SPOILERS] God had knocked her out, so her friend Jeanne rode a motorbike up a flying rocket while shooting at homicidal angels to go help Bayonetta fight God in space. I may have shed a tear."


Anyway, here is the trailer for the original Bayonetta:

While this is the first trailer for Bayonetta 2 (the one in the Kotaku article is trailer #2):