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Again, This Is What I Mean When I Say White Feminism

#BringBackOurGirls was started by @abu_aaid, and largely amplified on April 23rd by @obyezeks to mobilize awareness. ABC has allowed this woman (Rama Mosley) to take credit for her work.

Black women work for weeks to bring attention to an international crises involving the mass kidnapping of black girls in Nigeria? Check. White woman takes credit for it? Check. Mainstream media erases black women from the narrative in favour of a white saviour? Check.


Come get your people white ladies.

ETA: Why this really frustrates me is because we have mobilizing efforts being originated in Nigeria, by the people this tragedy directly affects and all their work is being credited to a random ass white lady in the states. WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE. This kind of systematic erasure of the work of black women is psychological violence. We exist, and we're doing the work, but even then we're invisible! The BBC got it right. Why couldn't ABC?

Why couldn't MSNBC?! Apparently Ronan Farrow couldn't be bothered to do his research either! (h/t KorbenDallasBathroomPass)


The information is out there. Easily available and verifiable. Why is it that erasure the work of WoC in service of elevating white women in OUR OWN NARRATIVES is seen as par for the course?

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