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Age Differences--When They Matter

My husband is 11 years older than me. Before meeting him, I was living with a guy who was 12 years younger than me. I've had lovers who are taller than I am, and some who are shorter than I am. Age ain't nothin' but a number, and if you make me laugh you get 1000 bonus points. Extra credit for being as smart or smarter than me, so we can talk about stuff.

Here is where age differences matter: I was scrolling through my email, procrastinating from the many things I must do in the next 3 hours because friends are coming over, and Ticketmaster's helpful message letting me know who would be within 500 miles of me in the next 6 months had arrived. No, I do not want to go to El Paso to see David Sedaris. Why can't he just come to my house? Eeek! Runs outside to find husband. "Jesus Christ! Ian Anderson is still fucking touring! And he has the balls to charge $80 a head! Can you believe it?"

"Who? When are you going to go to the store?"

For those of you 50 and younger, Ian Anderson was the lead singer/flute player in Jethro Tull. Some might say it was one of the lamer bands of 70's (and that's saying a lot), but some people liked/like them. Here, you decide: Aqualung.


Sort reminds you of Spinal Tap, huh?

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