I will watch episode two later this week.







Is Carter suppose to be British? Quite a strong accent.

First few seconds in the show my mother said "I do not recall tea bags being common then". No clue.

My god did working men back then all look the same. Same hair styles, same shades of jackets. We were both a bit confused who was who especially her coworkers.

The Royal typewriter scene. Well now I know they were good typewriters and my mother was taught on them in school. It was the scene where bad guy was typing.


Is this Stark Tony's dad or granddad?

The apartment fight scene my mother asked why she was winning a fight against the two villians. I responded well she is a trained fighter. She said these men would not have been hired if they could not fight, its not realistic.sigh.


Btw what are your opinions on the show well first hour. Fashion wise is this era through 50s the worst most boring age ever for mens fashion? Which seemed to be formal ie suit, tie matching pants until bedtime and wear these everywhere including lunch. Also I always loved the hairstyle Carter had classic 40s yet never came back. Thoughts on fashion? Clotheswise I am so happy living today. I hate with a zillion billion suns suit and tie I wore them for four years in high school it was Catholic.