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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Does it get better?

I want to like this. I am three episodes in and it's like, ALL THE FUN OF MARVEL MOVIES WITHOUT ANY OF THE FUN PARTS! I want to watch muscle-y people punch things into explosions. I want to care about any of the characters even a little bit (except Coleson - I like him, of course). The main girl Skye is just...meh whatever. She's not funny (although it seems like they tried to make her funny), she's not a badass, and I think the acting of her (and many others) is just terrible. Like, they got the best looking people they could and were like, "hey, maybe you can act, too!" You know, like a CW show. (OOOOOOHHHHH BURRRNNNN).

I heard from a friend it gets better but how long do I have to try to like this...haha?

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