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Agents of SHIELD: It's Getting Better All the Time!

How great was this week's episode of Agents of SHIELD?

I loved it! I'm always a sucker for bottle episodes, and race-against-the-clock episodes, and I love Fitz/Simmons. So this episode was entirely my jam.


Some great points:

- This Melinda/Coulson ship needs to sail, and this episode may have finally kicked it off from the dock. Even if the "take off your shirt" wasn't quite in the right context. But the feels — they were there, folks.

- In general, Clark Gregg makes me happy. Even when he glared at me once during a play for looking at my program instead of paying attention #E!TrueHollywoodStory

- Thank God they've resolved the Coulson mystery, and thank God it wound up not really being a mystery.


- Skye and Ward remain the worst, which makes me sad. But the episode felt a lot better with their seriously reduced presences.

Thoughts? Feels? Is anybody else still watching?

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