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Agents of SHIELD Remains Pretty Good!

Last night was great. I feel like I've finally reached that point where I'm cozy with the cast and I just enjoy watching them all interact. While Ward remains a weak point, his icy stares were moderately hilarious.


Not as hilarious as Gemma stunning a superior officer because she's really, really bad at lying on the spot, though.

Or Fitz trying to get his neat science shit through the world's worst automatic door.


Admittedly, I don't care about Skye's parents, especially since the incredibly soap-y fan theory that she's Coulson and May's daughter didn't pan out. (It would've been terrible, but also awesome?) Either way, I'm having a hard time caring about her or Ward, so it's probably good that the focus is shifting to FitzSimmons and Coulson/May.


Also, FitzSimmons was a rather obvious joke, but I just thought of another terrible name mash-up: Skye and Ward = Skyward? And they're on a plane? I hope that that wasn't intentional.


Either way, this remains pleasant Tuesday night viewing.

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