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Aggretsuko on Netflix (and also work colleagues, I guess!)

Anyone else watching Aggretsuko on Netflix? I was on the lookout for something easy with short episodes that I could watch while doing stuff around the house today and starting a long-postponed knitting project.

I think I like it. But as someone in my late 30s who is now a mid-level “boss,” I might be a little old. I identify more with the more senior female colleagues (and also the fennec fox friend), with one expection—the daydreaming about quitting for a more enjoyable job, and being the responsible/team player who is worked to death. (At my old workplace, and when I was closer to Retsuko’s age, though.)


My office also recently hired a junior attorney and we’re having some trouble with the way she interacts with others in the office, and her expectations about work as well as office things. Watching this makes me wonder if she thinks our office is as bad as Retsuko’s office. I know it’s not, especially since I came from a toxic workplace to my current one, which is non-toxic, easygoing, and friendly. But interacting with this new colleague, it’s clear she’s just not experiencing the world, including our office, exactly the same as the rest of us, and so I worry that she secretly hates all of us and thinks we are being horrible to her because I don’t really understand what she is experiencing based on her reactions. She alternates between really overly aggressive and defensive at unexpected times (like interrupting senior colleagues in a meeting when she was offended she was not called on first in a meeting, or throwing a grown-up version of a temper tantrum over parking space assignment changes), but also acting overly deferential at others (not feeling like she could step out of casual meetings to use the bathroom or grab a sweater when cold). It’s really strange and she’s hard to work with because she interrupts at strange times to get advice on work, but seems to get offended when people approach her to discuss projects.

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