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Welcome To The Bitchery

TW : mention of sexual assault.

There is a conversation happening in Canada, especially in Quebec (or maybe it's just that I see what goes on in my neck of the wood much more easily) thanks to those hashtags. There has been a lot of talk of rape culture. If you speak french, read Lemieux-Couture's op ed on "la culture du viol". It is extremely good. One of our major journalists also revealed a horrific story of rape as have many, many, many other women. Some of those women very public They are being so incredibly brave, all of them. So, yes, signal-boosting. Go read (if you're interested).


Also, someone on my facebook said "the whole tragedy here is the good guys will feel ashamed and bad and bot the aggressors". The whole tragedy? Really? That's your fucking takeaway?!

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