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Ah, crud

Dammit, Facebook. Or rather, FB games. Specifically: Criminal Case.

I've managed to evade all FB games up until today. This is my first day off in a while, and I was going to get SO MUCH ACCOMPLISHED. Like, grown up responsible adult stuff. But noooo, I checked FB while dosing myself with coffee, saw an intriguing "hidden object crime scene" blip, and there went my day.

You'd think that once I ran out of energy points to continue game play I'd have been able to tear myself away from the computer to get Important Real World Things done. WRONG! I've been Googling ways to get free energy points. And whining on GT about how quickly the claws of addiction have gripped me. Because while I whine energy points will slowly build up again and this is vaguely more productive than staring at the energy bar.



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