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Ah, dating.

So a handful of you know I'm talking to guy on OkC! It's been really fun! Today I actually told him about my wheelchair. He asked a goofy question about whether or not I can do a wheelie, and then the conversation ended when I answered. His question made it seem like it's no big to him which is great! :D

I'm normally very level-headed but now I'm just wondering if it bothers him. Not that it hurts at all! I don't have time for a guy if they think it's a big deal. He's ended conversations only to start new ones a day or two later, so it's probably a weird coincidence. Navigating this stuff is annoying.

Tip: If somebody tells you have a disability and you don't care, reply and switch the conversation before you let it die off. :P


What say you, GT?

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