So, I wanted to ask you guys that all-too cliche question: How do you know you love someone? When did you first know? Please share all the lovely stories, and I will share mine!

In previous relationships, it's always been something that just evolved. I couldn't tell you a single moment where I had an epiphany or it hit me suddenly; it was just a slow realization over time. This is one way in which my relationship with MitsuBT is so different from anything I've ever had before.

So, things moved much faster with him than I ever thought possible. Neither of us was looking for a relationship when we met. I even told him on the first date that the most I was looking for was a FWB, and he agreed. So, whatevs, it was fun. We joked on the second date about going to Kauai together (a trip I was already planning on doing as soon as school was over), and then after a few more dates, and only a few weeks of knowing each other, we booked the trip. So, that's cool. Adults can go have sexy vacations with other adults without it meaning anything. Nothing serious here, nothing to look at, move along.

So in the meantime, we hang out a lot. A minimum of 2 nights a week. Then we go to Kauai less than 2 months after meeting each other for the first time. I was getting a vibe that he was getting pretty serious about me (we had deleted our OKC profiles and decided to stop seeing other people just a week or two before that), and I was sort of freaking out about it. I posted on GT about it and Kyosuke is all "omg it is love" (paraphrasing, of course). Which scared me. I. Was. Not. In. Love. Nope. I told you guys that, right? Not love. Nope. He's too young, blah blah blah, whatever I said.

Here's when it happened:

Our first night in Kauai, we were chilling in the room, drinking beer, winding down, getting ready for bed, and just watching funny YouTube videos. I decided to show him this video:

Now, I cannot watch that video without losing my shit. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen for some reason, and I will laugh until I cry every time I watch it. I have a really weird sense of humor. I didn't warn him about it, I just played the video, and...


...he lost his shit. He almost rolled off the bed he was laughing so hard. I vividly remember looking at him, while he is clutching his stomach and giggling like a maniac, and thinking "holy shit. I love this dude. He is just as crazy as I am."

So that was it. He dropped the love word on me a few days later (because I'm still too chicken shit to say it first), and told me he too had known since that first night in Kauai.

And as a final touch, his birthday is coming up in a few days, and I got him a Travis the Singing Trout on EBay as his gift. I gave it to him last night, and he loved it. We laughed for a good 10 minutes. :)