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So far, Other-Husband broke his right pinky, I damaged (broke, maybe?) my left wrist, and my younger niece sprained her ankle.

On the plus side, we went swimming twice, weeded the gardens (and the patio!), had a bonfire, made s’mores, cleaned the house, grilled a zillion burgers and hot dogs, and set up the stand for the heavy bag that we got the kids last week.

I damaged myself trying to show the kids the proper way to punch the bag (yeah, yeah... shut up... it’s been way too many years since I did that, apparently!) Niece hurt her ankle demonstrating Elizabethan country dances in the yard. O-H broke his finger tying my bikini top... yeah, that happened.


The husbands are leaving shortly with Oldest to head home, younger kids and I are staying another day or 2. Here’s to no more injuries!

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