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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Ah! Kinja heads up!

I don't know if this is new or if I just never go on Desktop Kinja - did you know that if someone is looking at your comment (ex. followed over from a notification), on the sidebar they will see a section of 'written by [you]'?


So... while I'm having a discussion on Kotaku about how hypermasculinized male characters are also for men, whoever I'm talking to is going to see that I recently asked GT how to talk to potential bang partners about abortion.

Kill me now.

ETA Kinja Help people, is there a way to turn this off for your own posts?

ETA2 I've only seen this on Kotaku so far - going to my own comment from my notifications, it has posts of mine under 'popular on Kotaku', not 'written by'. It goes 3 back.

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