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Ahh!! I think I actually have hormones! (Sex Talk)

Holy shit guys!

This is a big deal for me! We hired a new guy at work, and I just met him because he was away for training. And holy shitballs is he hot. I actually kinda did that nervous stutter thing you see people do in movies. He does weird things to my brain and the rest of me. It's just such a weird feeling! How do you guys handle this??

What do I do?!? He works in a different section of the store than me, but I still see/spend a lot of time with him. I know he's single, and happens to like curvier girls (me!) because conversations at my job always skew sexual and NSFW. I know I don't want a relationship, because eww, emotions. But I'm pretty sure I could sexx him for days. Is a work buddy a bad idea? My brain is telling me don't, and but my body is saying YESSSS!


Ack, I'm so confused. I hate feelings.

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