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Ahhh Book Binge!

After watching The Hunger Games movie online a couple of days ago, I decided to cave in and read all the books. About a third of the way through I knew I was gonna want to finish the trilogy this week and just requested the rest of the set. Quick tangent, its amazing how many people will ignore the large print editions of books available. There's seriously a list of half a dozen people for each book, but there was NO list for the large print in the same system. Da fuq? Anyway, I just finished reading the first book and I went online to see if the other two are waiting for me. Well, Mockingjay(the last book) is but Catching Fire(the next installment) has been en route for the past two days. Fair warning this is about to escalate quickly.



I am trying to remain calm, but my local library has until I wake up and shower to get my motherfucking book on their motherfucking shelf. This is not a joke. Heh heh ha ha my ass. Forget Catching Fire, there will be shots fired if there is even the slightest delay in my Katniss adventures. I have absolutely no problem making a sweet librarian cry for something they have absolutely over.

#SorryNotSorry #J/K...sorta #Don'tTazeMeBro #IJustWannaRead

P.S I know he's a fictional character. And I know he's roughly in his late teens(possibly early 20's). But I wanna sit on Peeta's face and phallus. In no particular order. I'm going to go to bed now because I was suppose to be asleep 5 hours ago.

Night Y'all

Here are some cute GIFs so you won't call the cops on me.


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