Oklahoma's extremely conservative Governor, Mary Fallin, has an adult daughter, Christina, who is in a local band here and I guess is something of a local celebrity. I have to be honest and say that I've never heard them and know nothing about them except for the fact that Christina Fallin takes a LOT of promotional photos for the group and is sometimes a haver of pink hair. Anyways, one such promotional photo ended up on her facebook and instagram of Christina wearing a Native American headdress. It's since been taken down, but glory of the internet and all...

Needless to say, this photo has gotten her into a bit of hot water over her blatant cultural appropriation. But, but, but, this is Oklahoma! We love our Native American's and we're just trying to celebrate them! And it's fashion people! Can't we all just appreciate pretty things? Uh, no.

After removing the picture from Facebook, Christina/Christina's Group/Christina's "people" put out a statement. It's possibly one of the more hilarious non-apologies you're going to read this week.


I personally love the "We know we're not Native, but it's just so pretty!" and "If liking a woman in a headdress is wrong, then I don't want to be right" parts of the letter.

Oh, but it doesn't stop there. Since this picture "apology" was put up on their facebook page, they've started responding to some of the criticisms using what seems to be a canned phrase that they "do not support racism or gender roles." I'm actually not sure what it's even supposed to mean, but it's popped up a lot on there. They've also been pretty quick to talk about how other people shouldn't assume so much about their intentions with this picture. Cause, come on guys, it's YOUR fault if you think this is bad! I also love the response to the "This is wrong, shame on you" posts from their critics:

Thank you, but you do not personally know us to pass a judgement like that. We are very sincere people.


It's sad that they/she/I don't know are so delusional, but what can ya do?