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Ahhh FB "friends"

Gotta love 'em. So there's a guy I went to school with- Junior High and High School. About 7 years ago or so we ran into each other at the wedding of a mutual friend. I don't think we even had a conversation beyond "oh heeeyyyyyy how do you know so and so?" And then we became friends on the FB.

After a bunch of dumb posts - super conservative, pics of his hunting results, in general things I didn't want to see- I went for the unfriending option. Of course he then messages me - omg, dude why aren't we friends any more?!? I have something to show you! I feel bad and add him, he sends me a picture of Pink saying how he thought it was me. To be fair, at the time I was doing pin up pics and the style was similar. To be realistic, I look nothing like Pink. But he's kind of a dummy. A while goes by, more ridiculous crap, I unfrirnd again.

Then in October I run into himat ANOTHER wedding?! Again - I just tried to message you blah blah blah. Feeling put on the spot and the need to be nice (why???!?!!) I pretend I don't know how it's happened and add him.


Then Ferguson. And his posts about how he used to be a cop, everyone has the exact same opportunities as everyone else, he had higher scores than a minority, blah blah blah blah. He posts a picture and awful quote by Ted Nugent with a comment about how he wishes "sweaty Teddy" was president since he has the right ideas.

Aaaaaand unfriended. If I go to another wedding anytime soon I'm prepared to tell him that since we aren't actual friends there's no need to pretend on Facebook.

What's funny about this though was that it got me thinking- about when we were in junior high and high school. This was the kid who thought nothing of full on grabbing both my breasts when standing behind me when we were "dating". You know 8th grade dating? Where you go to a dance together, maybe the movies that's it? Yeah, well I was talking to a substitute teacher when this dude grabbed and held both breasts from behind me. The teacher looked surprised and that was that.

In high school he was part of the group of people who called me a freak and a dyke thinking they were being cool. I just mentally thanked them for showing who they were and moved along. He also had a moment in gym class where he started throwing elbows and pushed me during basketball- because I was better than him.


Looking back at just those incidents I can't help but not be surprised that he's grown up into a whiny entitled conservative. Especially when I saw his dad's comments on the posts, even worse and then they would try to one up each other. What's sad is that he is occasionally a genuinely ok person and fun to talk to. Oh well. No big deal and no loss on my end.

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