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Welcome To The Bitchery

AHHHHHH!!!! Restoring data

So remember when my hard drive crashed? I took my computer to a repair guy to try and get some of my files back. And some of them are back with me, safe and sound on my external hard drive. However some of them are either damaged or locked from his access, so he kept my hard drive overnight to work some more on the data transfer.

I'm biting my nails, guys. Most of the stuff on my computer is non-essential or can be recovered with ease (I can always find some way to re-download the songs I lost). But there's a video of an original performance I did in college as well as some recent edits to some stories I was working on that I'm waiting to hear back on. The video was supposed to be saved on the cloud and on my hard drive, but when I went back to download the video from google drive it doesn't work! It doesn't work on the external hard drive either, and I don't think anyone else was sent a copy because it was too big to mail so I just let people view it via google drive!


Yes, yes, I know I should've double checked my backups, and I should've done it more regularly -so you can keep your mouth shut on that. Right now I just want my files back :(

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