They announced big management changes last week- basically I am going to be in a totally different management team than I have been. Which is good, ultimately, but the changes have not been planned out and there are still a ton of people/work items that we don’t know where to put them and my boss is trying to barrel ahead on talking to all the affected employees but I’m like NO WE HAVE NOT FIGURED THIS OUT I NEED X NUMBER OF PEOPLE so now we got to schedule more meetings to discuss and I got like 4 hours of sleep because 3 day weekend messed with my schedule and it is supposed to snow/ice tonight and I just don’t wanna. Where’s my napping couch?? Pls send silly gifs and caffeine.

ETA- well, he scheduled a meeting. at 11:30. So I have to run out after my 10 am meeting to grab lunch and come back to the office. And then I have meetings off and on all afternoon. Why am I in management again? Lunchtime meetings are the WOOOOOORRRRSSSSTTT