So things with my roommates came to a head last night, and it was not good. I've been thinking about what to say and how to say it but wasn't sure how to go about it. Then I went to Seattle with GreenBud to go to Geek Girl Con over the weekend. When I got home last night, I sat down to use my computer and found out that they had DELETED stuff on it without my permission! I tried to be nice, I really did. I told my male roommate that I didn't feel comfortable with them using my computer anymore and that was overstepping my boundaries, and I was already frustrated that they had been using it when I needed it. Then I started furiously working on the mound of dishes (seriously every pan we have was dirty, thanks guys) until my female roommate came up and demanded to know "what is the problem with us using your computer, you said we could." I explained, and said I was sorry but I had felt taken advantage of lately, for various reasons the biggest of which was that they hadn't paid rent yet. She huffed one word, "Okay," and disappeared into her bedroom. So then, even more angry, I sat down to talk to my mom (who was visiting) and GreenHunk about it. I was pissed. I wasn't being very quiet, admittedly. I didn't care if they heard anymore. She comes out of her bedroom all angry that I'm "talking behind her back" and I'm like "well then why don't you talk to me about it? Why can't we communicate like adults?" and she says "You know I don't like to talk as much as you do, you just talk everything into a circle and overthink things." (except what she said was a LOT more rude and condescending but I can't remember the exact words.) Then she left for work. And I'm sitting here like, REALLY? A) if I overthink things, that's why I am where I am, that's why I have an MA and can afford to help you, that's why I knew how to do all your application paperwork for both school and financial aid for you, which you would never have gotten done without me. B) Thanks for making me feel like I did when I was in high school and people made fun of me for using big words in my own damn house. C) I think most people would feel like a two sentence conversation is not really communicating about an issue. But even if you feel it's sufficient, I think it's fair that you be willing to talk more than that to be respectful toward how I feel.

I said all of this to her in a Facebook message, and asked for an apology. I got "I don't see why this is a problem, but whatever, we'll probably move out soon anyway."

And then I came to work and my boss told me I need to make more pointless spreadsheets and go through more red tape.

Fuck, guys. Fuck.