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Again. And my roommates are driving me crazy.

One is completely checked out despite the fact that her room has it the worst. We discovered the problem Wednesday and she promptly disappeared for the weekend without finishing her cleaning or telling anyone she needed help. She’s also moving at the end of the month, putting us in a really shitty situation because no one will want to move into our apartment when it’s like this.

The other is, understandably, freaking out but she’s honestly gone too far at the moment. She’s trying to get us to spray chemical after chemical on our stuff AFTER the exterminator sprayed our apartment. My fourth roommate (who is really cool) and I are trying to get her to slow down because we need to proceed carefully. 4th roomie actually snapped at her because she wanted to put a very toxic chemical approved only for outdoor use on our baseboards. Yes I want to get rid of bugs, but I don’t want to die from gas poisoning. We have a dog, for goodness sakes! We can’t just go spraying things willy nilly.


I had to remind them both that a)just because I’m home the most doesn’t mean I have free time to babysit the slacking roomie or to spray and inspect every item in my room and (b) that I already canceled 16 hours of work and a doctor’s appointment last minute in order to get my stuff ready for spraying AND to help them with their stuff. I’ve already done a shit ton of work and sacrificed a lot. I wanted to go to the beach today and had other errands to run but I couldn’t because slacking roomie needed to be taught how to treat her room. I haven’t had a break from this situation. They have. I don’t need someone getting on me for not steaming my fucking windowsill the moment I’m not at work.

On top of all this my little sister is really sick, my good friend’s boyfriend is really really sick, Yung Iroh and I got into a fight and we are now performing relationship triage, I’m starting a new job with a lot of responsibility where I still don’t know how much I’m getting paid, and the diet, exercise, and writing plan I was trying to implement fell through because of the bedbug situation. Oh. And the medicine I’m taking for bipolar makes me feel sick and dehydrated. Also I’m broke.

Fuck everything. Especially bedbugs.

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