Edit: Geez, you could see the first sentence couldn't you? I am so sorry. Do not read any part of this post until you watch it for yourself. Even you spoiler lovers. It's got to be fresh. Crap. Can't be spoiling things here.

Well. That was a beginning. Right out of the gate Jessica Lange, in a bid for youth and longevity, sucked the life out of a scientist researching chemical cure for aging. She also killed it with her lines "Don't make me drop a house on you." and "sitting around here at Hogwarts..." Some great snappy references to pop culture witch lore. And of course she is "The Supreme", who else would be. I wonder just how old she might be and I wonder just how much power she has. Scenes between her and Sarah Paulson are going to be marvelous as the mother/daughter team. How witchy.

Kath Bates/La Laurie. Woah. Woah. Woah. Opening scene. Always the horrifying opening scene. Didn't know what to do. The minotaur! The blood facial (remember that Kim K photo floating around?)! AHS was not shying away from the La Laurie legend/history. Jumped right into. Side note: One of my Aunts used to call me (and my sis) pick-a-ninny much to my mother's dismay. We were just little kids at the time and we loved it! Couldn't understand why Mom would get after Aunt for it every time. Until we were older and found out. It was pretty funny, we were shocked. But still a fond a memory.

Not enough Angela Bassett. But get it girl. She killed it. Literally. Can't wait to see more. Wonder if she'll find herself in the present? And did she zombify La Laurie?

Francis Conroy was a BAMF. That hair! The outfit! Then poof. Can't wait to see what's up her sleeve and what kinda witch she is.


Taissa Farmiga. Girl, I don't envy that power. Also, can't wait to see how Jessica manages to teach her how to control orifice bleeding death by sexual congress. That oughta be good. Jaime Brewer as the clairvoyant is a great choice. She do the creepy, the sweet, and the vicious with relish. I love that she's back but it's going to hard not calling her Abbie. Her and Lange also have fantastic chemistry. Gaboury/Queenie the human voo doo doll! With serious attitude. This is going to be good.

Now onto Emma Roberts. The Frat Party and the gang rape. Left this for last of course. It was shocking, uncomfortable and horrific. But it does fall in line with the over all theme of the program which is American Horror Stories. The themes of the show connects to societal or cultural fears. And this season it is going to be the horrors of oppression both of women and people of colour. We touch on the feminine theme each season in terms of double standards, motherhood, romantic and familial relationships, enforced roles, and containment of female power. And this season looks to be no different. I think that the roofy gang rape is timely. We've had multiple headlines this year about terrible rape cases but especially the Vanderbilt case. That scene seemed to really pull from that particularly the use of the cell phone cameras. I think it's notable that the rape occurred after Emma Roberts character challenged (and won) the frat boys masculinity. It encapsulated that rape is about power. It also showed two cultural fears. One, the fear of losing ones masculinity of being over come by a woman and of not being able to prove maleness through sexual conquest. And two, a woman's fear of losing autonomy and being rendered vulnerable and powerless. I will also put forward that I thought the scene was shot well. We mostly saw the faces in a hazy pan across the room, or close ups of the victim and agressor(s). There was no nudity and only a brief shot of the actual act. It felt uncomfortable. It felt confusing. It felt quick and hurried. It felt...horrific. It wasn't glamourized or sexified. It wasn't titillating. It was sickening and wrong. And that was the right way to portray it. I also liked that Emma didn't breakdown or run away. She avenged herself. But the quiet, lonely shower scene really brought home the isolation and defeat of being assaulted.

When Taisssa then raped and murdered the frat boy. Who saw that coming? I was still dealing with the gang rape and the minotaur. I felt both vindicated (on behalf of Emma) and dirty. I'm still not sure what to make of that scene quite yet.


So thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Was it too gratuitous? What were the highlights? Looking forward to next week?

Btw Entertainment Weekly does a great review so check it out here http://tvrecaps.ew.com/recap/american…