Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Ain't no do nothing bitch(es)

Let’s celebrate how we kicked butt or will kick butt today (or yesterday)! General open thread for everyone who wants.


Today was another day off and as such it was packed to the brim with chores (not really). Things I did :
- Woke up
- Ordered an income tax paper
- Found myself out of breakfast but remembered I had buns from last nights burgers, rejoiced and made breakfast
- Cleaned my nails (hands and toes), they need some non-polish time
- Cleaned my room (every available surface and every item)
- 3 laundry loads
- Dishes
- Yoga
- Physical therapy (my regular PT forwarded me to a coworker because we weren’t making enough progress)
- Almost starve, make another few buns with peanut butter
- Eat buns while bicycling to the whole other side of the city
- Visit town hall (to report my licence as missing and requesting a new one)
- Forget papers & a photo, run back out of town hall whilst the security guards laugh lol “oops!” as I run past
- Rush to a photo place and get them done while looking like shit
- Rush back to city hall and get shit done
- Travel back to this side of city
- Go to post office
- Grocery shop at the little places that I normally miss out on
- Throw out trash
- Clean entire stairwell of the building due to leaking stinky trashbag
- Make food that would normally come pre-packaged and unhealthy, instead make it with self-made spice mixture and fresh veggies, nothing pre-packaged
- Vacuum room
- Fix up bed with clean sheets
- Check responses to all the rooms/houses I responded too, find none
- Be super tired and sore from all the rushing around and crave icecream
- Decide to go get icecream with roommate
- Find out that the store is closed since 3 minutes
- Be super disappointed

How were you no do nothing bitch this day? It could just be one thing! It could be a lot of things! Doesn’t matter. I call this open thread Opened.

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