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Baaaasically no one in my family can keep a damn secret...

On the last day of my wonderfully rejuvenating Christmas vacation my little sister and I stayed up talking. You know, family gossip and whatnot. During this time it was revealed to me that not only did she blab about ExGod being poly (my mom made a statement like "it's not like he's got another girlfriend or anything" and my sis crumbled like a soggy cookie), my mom accidentally blabbed to my dad about my HPV and assault (she let something slip about HPV and then my dad pushed her and she crumbled).


This is actually more amusing than it is anything. It is well known that my sainted mother cannot keep a secret unless I specifically detail the boundaries of said secret, so why I bother telling her these things is a mystery to me. :p And as for ExGod, I was kind of a shitty secret keeper for telling my little sister anyway, so I guess it's what I get. Plus, the cat being out of the bag actually has its advantages. For example, back when I was with Sokka I wrote a long letter to my mother admitting that yes, I was sexually active with Sokka and that yes, I had had a "regrettable" experience before. I was really scared to tell her, but she immediately wrote back to say what happened the first time was rape (she was the first one to say it), that she had figured I was having sex anyway (my mom is superstitious and knew I'd had sex from an old wive's tale), and that she was nothing but proud of me and would help me in any way she could. She naturally blabbed to my older sister, who helped her pick out lingere for my Christmas present, helped me schedule my appointments with the gyno when I found out I had HPV, and blabbed to my younger sister, which made things less awkward when I finally got around to telling her.

I was really worried about what my family would say if they found out about ExGod, and what my dad would say about my assault. But during my whole visit they never brought it up. According to my little sister my mom and older sister respected my adult decision to be in a poly relationship, and while my dad was extremely angry I had been hurt and that no one told him he never let anything on to me and my sister said he understood. People think because my folks are Catholic and family-centric they're small-minded. But my parents and siblings are really cool. Even if none of us can keep a secret to save their lives.

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