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Ain't that some shit.

So it seems that the UK public have a fairly low tolerance for creepy, manipulative concept albums by a man previously known for groping strangers and writing the catchiest tribute to sexual assault of the last ten years. Just 530 copies of Paula have sold in its first week here (good enough for No. 200 on the album chart!) - the Guardian notes that this is only 2% of his previous album's first-week sales, and that

Were Thicke's career to follow this trajectory, his next album would sell about 10 copies, with the following one failing to sell a single copy. Not even his best friend would buy one, nor Thicke himself


Things aren't much better stateside, where the musical equivalent of an SVU episode has only managed 14% of his previous album's sales, presumably all bought by PUAs and deaf people.

In even worse news for Thicke (besides his punchable face), his album failed to place on the Australian Top 500 - the album coming in at No. 500 being a Blondie compilation that sold only 54 copies, meaning that no more than 50 Australians were deranged enough to subject themselves to the horror of Robin Thicke's public self-immolation.

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