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Air Canada is Happy to Serve You

I’m sick, spent 15 hours travelling yesterday and had to say goodbye to my long distance boyfriend so that sucked, and today I get spinal injections. That’s not what’s important though.

This rug...that’s a dick, right?!?!

ETA: it’s either a dick, flipping us off for expecting anything else from air canada, or Pinocchio is telling us the flights on time


Plus I forgot this bonus total asshole human move from last time I flew, inspired by Donnanobleisback’s post about terrible people on transit: boarding a plane in Vancouver. I’m with my eight year old daughter who has an anxiety disorder, and I’m in rough shape physically; maybe not disabled or even in pain but at the very least tired, disheveled, and with a kid who is crying. There is also a young BLIND WOMAN with a seeing eye dog. They call for pre-board. I stand, intending to try to get on after the woman with her dog, as I don’t see any other kids/babies/older people/anyone looking in need of assistance. Cue about 30 people rushing the gate, because they had been announcing that there would be little room in the overhead bins. People rushed ahead of someone with a seeing eye dog so they wouldn’t have to out their too large carry ons in front of their feet. I went up to her and asked (loudly) if she’d like me to help her get to the gate as for some reason people had decided to block her. She must be used to assholes because she replied just as loud “yes thank you, I have never flown with my dog and we need time to get settled. I don’t even know how to get through here there are so many people” or something along those lines. Only a few people even seemed slightly ashamed of themselves. And she wasn’t hiding. She was hovering near the gate, waiting for help. Travelling makes people nuts, man. Fuckin’ dick rugs, indeed.

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