The French Prosecutor is saying that the Co-Pilot put the plane into a descent and was breathing normally the whole time he was alone in the cockpit.

The co-pilot of the doomed Germanwings A320 "voluntarily" put the aircraft into a dive and was alive until the moment of impact, the Marseilles prosecutor said citing a transcript of the last 30 minutes of the cockpit voice recorder.

The first 20 minutes of conversation between the pilot and co-pilot was amicable, then the co-pilot took over when the pilot left to make a "natural call".

At this point, the co-pilot accelerated the plane's descent using the keys of the monitoring system. The prosecutor described it as a "voluntary" action.

In the remaining 10 minutes there are a number of appeals by the pilot to get access to the cockpit but there was no access, the prosecutor said. The pilot knocks on the door but there is not response. There is the sound of breathing from the co-pilot until impact.

This sort of thing is the nightmare, mechanical troubles are understandable or even human error but the know your loved one was killed by the co-pilot, a person who should be trustworthy must be so hard to fathom.