1. Donald Trump yada yada yada.

2. I stood up - just like a PERSON on two feet - and something popped in my foot and now it’s swollen and I can barely put any weight on it. I have iced it and taken some aspirin so far tonight. It is so painful if my move my foot or toes a certain way, or put full weight on it, I get tears in my eyes! The pain is focused near the toes (pinky, “ring”, etc). (UPDATE - thanks to everyone for empathizing/pointing out my age, hahaha - I iced it for a few hours last night, slept with it elevated, and it made a huge improvement, so I am able to walk mostly normal and the pain is duller and number rather than shooting and concentrated)

3. I still have to attend work at my job.

4. Caught my coworkers bitching about Trump but I know they voted for him, but they were like “I mean, what were we going to do?” I have got to get out of there.

5. No one wants to interview me for a job!

6. This employee I had in the past who is the worst just texted me to tell me she’s using me as a reference. Like, already had the interview so it’s already done. Neat. I don’t have the balls to be honest about her. I think..


7. My husband works on Tuesday nights and I have texted him thrice telling him to quit his job (which he can’t do because he owns part of it) and come wait on me. He has yet to do what I say.

8. Internet raging all weekend has made my hands hurt.

9. They tried to #resistTrumpTuesdays at our Senator’s office and they wouldn’t let him in - claimed it was closed! Maaaaybe it was? I dunno. Either way I’m kind of glad it was that rather than him coming out making false promises.


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