Halp, well-traveled GTers! So I found out today that a flight I'm on tomorrow was cancelled. They put me on another flight that will arrive at another airport. I am trying to get somebody to spring for the taxi I will need to get to my final destination, which is going to be around $150. The airport says they are not responsible because the airport they are sending me to is an "acceptable alternative" or something, meaning that it falls within some ambiguous zone of nearness to my original destination. (However, "nearness" in this case is several hours' drive.) I have travel insurance, but they say it will only be covered if I am delayed more than 6 consecutive hours. My flight will get in only 2 hours later than the originally scheduled flight, which plus the drive puts me right at the line of not an acceptable amount of delay time.

Any advice or thoughts? Right now, I'm thinking fudge the delay time and put in a claim with insurance. Of course, my flight might always really be delayed, and then I'm golden (ish).

TL;DR: Airlines are the worst. Also insurance claims.

Here is a Jennifer Lawrence gif which expresses my emotions, because I finally saw American Hustle today.