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Airport dreams?

So I have been having dreams lately about being in/at airports. Like, five or six times in the last three weeks or less. Different airports, sometimes in the terminal, sometimes driving up to the drop-off point, whatever — and no specific airport that I recognize, just general "airport." Sometimes the place is a little weird, like I'll have to go down one escalator and across a little catwalk to an up escalator, to get to the checkpoint where I have to show my ticket; there are definitely obstacles to me getting on an actual plane (and never, in the dreams, do I get so far as to see myself getting on a plane). But I'm definitely going somewhere, away. And I am walking/driving in lanes or corridors that all seem to be one-way avenues of travel which are demarcated by some line or barrier; nobody is walking in the opposite direction from me, and it's not terribly crowded. It's just weird how often it's been happening, and how different each one is — I had another one last night. WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!?


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