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Airport Security gives teenager his bomb back, let's him board flight

This story is so utterly and completely fucked up.

So apparently last September, 18 year old Skylar Murphy was flying to Mexico on a family vacation, when Airport Security at Edmonton Airport found a pipe bomb in his camera bag. For some reason, after finding the bomb, not only does Security let him board the plane, they let him keep his bomb. (They actually have a Security guard having it back to him, on video tape and telling him he can keep it.) Then they wait four days to inform the RCMP, who understandably, arrest Murphy when he returns to Canada.


Apparently Murphy claims that a year before, he built two pipe bombs, set one off in a field, stuck the other one in his camera bag and forgot about it, like you do. So he just happened to have it in his camera bag when he went on his vacation.

Airport security's position is that they have no powers to detain anyone. Even if this is true, given that they can confiscate a pair of nail scissors, why in the hell didn't they confiscate a pipe bomb? Also, why not call the RCMP officers stationed in the airport and have them detain Murphy? Why wait 4 days to say something?


Murphy has pled guilty to possession of an explosive device, has been given a year's probation, a $100 fine, and been ordered to donate $500 to a local hospital burn unit.

There is no way this story would have gone this way if Murphy's first name was Muhamed.



ETA: apparently when security tried to give the bomb back, Murphy declined to take it.

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