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Welcome To The Bitchery

I am going to be charitable and say maybe the Alabama historic society honestly wants to preserve a hellish piece of history. Yet this is Alabama how soon will this become a shrine to racists to visit and honor. We already saw the beatification in the south of traitors, slave owners and anyone who were terrorists during the Civil War with their statues and monuments.

I am in favor of saving history but the ship should be photographed, written about, the areas should be recreated for display then destroy  the ship. It’s too easy that it will turn into a shrine for racists.

History can be easily preserved today without keeping the actual artifacts that can too easily be used as shrines or beatified by the worst of us. Sometimes there need to be exceptions to preserving actual artifacts when there are means of preserving the data and doing recreations both virtual and real.


Maybe a compromise could be done and let the Alabama Historical Society oversee the ship but put the ship in a Northern state.

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