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Alabama Spits On Tomb Of Unknown Soldier and Every Unknown Soldier

Alabama has put up a memorial for Unknown Confederate Soldiers. Can we not call these traitors as soldiers? They took up arms against the government. They died not as soldiers but as traitors.

This Confederate crap which it is has long stopped about remembering the past but into treason with the belief the Civil War is still going on and can still be won. Let’s face it its a religion more then anything else.

The South should be grateful that those traitors that survived the Civil War lived their lives. Many governments in the past would have executed many of them. If Lincoln would have known this Confederate Religion would blossom if he and Johnson would have snapped the South’s neck when we won. I wish they had. They should at least have lost their statehoods until last Confederate traitor who used arms against the government died. And made all Confederate memorials and any proConfederate rally, organization or parade an act of treason.


We really are at the point where Confederate worship, KkK and NeoNazis really need to be listed as terror organizations and treasonous activity. I never understood why they were not after Oklahoma City bombing.

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