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Alcohol + College + Frats 4evah

My friends and I were talking about the alcohol policies at our respective schools the other day. Mine is a small private school with a very lenient policy, which works just fine as we don't really have a party atmosphere anyway. My friends go to larger state schools. One is at Penn State so obviously that's it's own universe but the other is at a slightly smaller state school, and she told me about a policy they have that I'm not really sure how I feel about.

They have to sign into their dorms, which is foreign to me in and of itself, but I know it's very common and makes sense, etc. But what's weird to me is that if the security people at the sign-in think you are under the influence, they report you. Not if you're making a scene or unsafely drunk, but if you even seem a little tipsy. Obviously the purpose of this is to discourage on-campus drinking, which I get. But it also seems like it would have an unintended effect: I can easily see young, freshman girls (and boys) living on campus going off campus to drink in frat houses or apartments, and being afraid to come home drunk, and then being easily pressured/scared into staying in an unsafe situation.


When I mentioned it to my mom she said she thought of that at first too, but that the people who make these policies have to have taken that into consideration, and there must be some kind of provision for that. I'd like to believe that, but I'm not so sure. She pointed out that if some physical injury happens to a drunk kid on a college campus that kid's parents can sue the school. It's not insane to me to think that the school would care more about protecting themselves from lawsuits than the possibility of an increase in rape and sexual assault. You know because "she should have thought through her actions before she drank off campus."

Obviously these are all hypothetical situations, but what do you all think?

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