Once upon a time, I could drink and enjoy it. Drink a lot, drink a little, get a nice buzz and relax.

There is no more buzz.

Lately, whenever I drink, I just get sick to my stomach. Doesn't matter what it is - beer, mixed drinks, wine - none of it sits well with me. I end up miserable with no enjoyment, no relaxation, no occasional but enjoyable respite from my ridiculous anxiety.

And you might say, "But maybe you're drinking too much. Or too little. Or maybe you should have some food on your stomach, or you ate too much beforehand."

Trust me, I've tried all permutations of the above. When once a nice moscato would accompany me to the tub while I soaked and read, now just leaves me queasy. No more mojitos, no more rum and cokes, no more killer local microbrews that taste like pears.


Sad. So much sad that I have.

Is it possible I've developed an intolerance to alcohol? I've never been a big drinker, never partied in college, just an occasional drinker that infrequently wants some assistance with coaxing The Anxiety Hamster off of his wheel.


Seriously, this is a little depressing to me. Maybe it'll be a short-lived thing and I can again enjoy an extra spicy Bloody Mary with impunity.

But, then again, maybe I need to start writing a eulogy for my drinking days. Alas, alcohol, I knew ye only briefly and in passing, but your absence will be sorely felt. Especially when I'm PMSing and want wine with my double chocolate Dairy Queen Blizzard. Rest easy, sweet prince.