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Alcoholic root beer

So I came across a Time blurb about alcoholic root beer, which reminded me that I have already done alcoholic root beer, and I have done it better than the stuff in the bottle*.

One of my favorite summer cocktails consists of a few shots of Phillips Rootbeer 100 (seriously, don’t get anything else because it will be mediocre in comparison), some seltzer to make it bubbly, and a sprig of spearmint. If you really, really need to make it more boozy you can add a bit of dark rum, but I find that a couple of shots of the root beer schnapps is more than enough alcohol for me. And don’t skip the mint - it really adds a nice level of complexity to the cocktail.

What’s everyone’s favorite cocktail?

*statement not yet evaluated by me, who will most certainly buy a bottle (or two) of this because I love the fuck out of root beer.


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