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Welcome To The Bitchery
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ALERT: KITTENS please help

The tamest, fattest alley cat is now the tamest, skinniest alley cat and there are three kittens under my neighbor's porch in a plastic bin top. Skinny Cat et famille all appear to be healthy; the little ones are all nursing.

I live in Washington, DC and I have a car. I know that local animal control will come out but that they often have to euthanize animals.


What are my options? Can I take them to my family vet to be checked out and look into options for people who might foster this cat family until they are adoptable?

I would move them all inside right away except that I already have two feline tenants and don't want to risk any of the kitties' health by commingling them haphazardly. Also my house cleaner is coming tomorrow and I'm pretty sure you can't just triple the cat population of your apartment and not warn your apartment cleaner.

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