So I just read this and it reads like an ad, but I promise it isn't. I just get that excited about boots.

Hello, my name is Dr Mrs The Monarch, and I have wide calves.

Even when I wore a size 4 and didn't own even one (not one) shirt that covered my lower stomach area in its entirety, I had 15.5" calves. I have always needed wide calf boots, and bootmakers? THIS HAS BEEN A TRAVESTY BECAUSE WHY? BECAUSE YOU SUCK.

When I did find boots they were in weird, old lady styles online, and they almost always had some terrible feature wrong with them ... like soles made of mystery plastic that squeaked (?!), or having excessively shiny bright (fake) silver buckles. But such were my choices.

So when JustFab sent me a semi-random email about their wide calf boots last week โ€” semi random because this is the internet and duh they know I do all my shopping here โ€” I didn't have high hopes. Either the boots wouldn't actually be wide calf (I see you, 15" Naturalizers), or they'd be fugly.


People, the clouds opened. A new day has dawned. CHEAP BOOTS THAT FIT.

OK, a caveat ... the cheap boots part. They're vegan / not leather and they're constructed decently, but not Stuart Weitzman-y. Having said that, my SO was totally irritated at me when he saw them because we have a policy of clearing large-ish unnecessary purchases with each other. Haha! No need! I GOTZ THESE BOOTS FOR $19.99, BITCHES.*


Other caveat ... JustFab is a membership site, so you have to join it. But it costs nothing and they give you 50% off your first pair that you order. And I'm here to say that the wide calf boots fit me, and I have 17" calves. (Used to be 15.5" when I wore a size 4. Now? Hahaha.)


Here's my invite to give people to join the membership / link to the site/boots.

Full disclosure, this is my personal link and I would get rewards if you sign up, but don't feel obligated to follow this link or anything like that. Just google "JustFab" and it should pop right up, you can find their wide calf boot section really easily.


* Not directed at anyone in particular, just me being ecstatic and what I actually said out loud.

ETA I think I need to explain further about the membership thing with the cheap boots site I'm suggesting. You have to be aware of the system to take advantage of it, otherwise it will take advantage of you. You sign up and you don't have to buy from them / no charge BUT please be aware ... [from the website] ...


If you you're not ready to make a purchase, simply Skip The Month by the 5th and you will not be charged. Skip as many months as you'd like. If you do not take action by the 5th, you will be charged $39.95 for a member credit on the 6th. Each credit can be redeemed for 1 JustFab style, so use it to shop later.


What I do is just set up a Google alert and opt out every month I don't want new shoes. Or, if I only wanted to make one purchase, I would just cancel my membership immediately after getting whatever I ordered. I just checked โ€” because Chupacabras eats your goat just made me freak out and think I was ruining peoples lives, kidding! :) โ€” and you can cancel whenever with no penalty. So if you want boots from the site, but no membership, just sign up, buy boots, then cancel. Tada!