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Algae eggs

So I finally got around to making the algae eggs and, since I was asked about it, thought I’d write a short post.

They’re...pretty good! They taste pretty much like eggs and pretty much have the consistency of eggs. I made a scramble with onions and peppers for lunch and it tasted...pretty much like scrambled eggs. It wasn’t like tofu where you’re totally clear that you’re not eating eggs.


They do cook a little different, though. I blended them instead of whisking them, as they suggest, and you get something that looks like a batter. Toss it in a hot pan and start scrambling. They start to congeal and curd up almost exactly like eggs, but there’s more water than with eggs. So you basically just wait for the water to cook off and then you’re done.

Super curious to see how they work (or not) as a binder for something like pancakes.

But they’re 6 or 7 dollars for the equivalent of a dozen, so unless not eating eggs is a health thing or a moral thing and you can afford it, it’s probably not worth it.

Way better than tofu, though. Way better.

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