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Alita Battle Angel Trailer Thoughts?

I know they are going for the manga eyes effect but they look more chibi then manga and too over the top. Its one thing when all characters have the manga or chibi look but one character it looks strange. I looked to find a picture of the manga character and her eyes are not this extreme. Again movie they look very chibi. The first picture is from the manga series. Her eyes actually look normal sized on this cover. The trailer I kept wondering “aren’t you worried about dust particles?”.

A picture of the movie character. I suspect she is computer generated which makes me wonder if she is cgi why not duplicate precisely her look in the comics. Why make her look like the actress playing her minus the eyes. I think that’s what they are doing.


The background music is good. Also the clip with the “parents” why did it remind me of a 90s syndicated series Small Wonder?

Movie to me is a huge pass unless it gets good reviews. The trailer did not look good. I never read the series.

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