Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

ALL ABOARD, GROUPTHINK! You heard me, friends, get on board!! NOW WITH A PLACE TO GIVE MONEY!

Groupthink is a big part of your life. Look at you, you're checking GT on a Saturday night. I probably just sent you down a gif wormhole. Grab some booze, wine, water- WAIT- read this first!


I was going somewhere with this before. Last week everyone talked about how we all refer to GT IRL, whether straight-out, "as friends," a forum, or whatevs, but most of us refer to each other IRL. A good 30 people sat at the computer Thursday night willing Princess Fluffybutt to come back to her computer and not meet a drug addict at her house. We tell each other that we'd punch a SO in the face for them and even when we have no idea what they look like, we mean it! We pull each other out of depression, talk each other through things and are genuinely proud to share each others' successes (I told you to wait on the booze, I'm a weaver of words that only sound significant when you're drinking). Last month and this month and I hope continuing we've managed to tear down FreeSameTheif's Amazon list so that her life is easier until it gets easier on its own.

NatEatsYourFace has made it out of the abusive situation at her aunt's house. She's almost through a full semester and is rocking A's and B's. But here's the most important issue, come October 24th, her most stable option to keep up her grades is to return to live with her mom & grandfather. This would be rough for most of us, but in Nat's face it's probably going to be toxic (read: here). Toxic to her, toxic to her mental health (and her therapist strongly feels this is a terrible idea) and possibly/probably detrimental to her grades.


What can you do:

  • As I'm writing this, I think there's just two of us that have already decided to pitch in some $ for an apartment via Paypal, if there's a big response, Nat will just have to decide how to handle this (Una is giving $100 for two months and I can handle $20 for two months, so we're starting there)
  • Nat lives in Dallas. Do you know someone that has a house where they rent out a room? Are they quiet? Preferably without an addiction to any substance? Would it be lower than $580/month- which is the price/apartment Nat has found so far. Do you live in the Dallas area, have a room you rent out or a house with an extra room and fit the above qualifications. I'm sure she has more, i.e. meeting you.
  • Do you have an apartment for rent? Know of a sublet? Someone that needs house-sitting in a palatial mansion where the GT group can hang out once Nat's semester is through?
  • More ideas, better options? Let's hear it!

Read, answer if there's a question which you have a response to and then let the BOOZE be yours my friends!


Love y'all!

DONATE VIA PAYPAL: Natface1988 AT gmail DOT com

*BTW, if your post was mentioned in my appeal to tug on your emotion and I haven't corrected it yet, it's because I've got tortilla soup to make and I'm starving. I'll fix it soon*


*BTW, BTW* I did not make it the "Karma Train," but do with it what you will

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