I went to the foot doctor today. Like an adult, taking care of medical problems. Yes, I’ve needed to go for 6 months. But, grad school...

Anyway, he x-rayed my feet in several different poses, drew on my feet, and even put them on a special foot scanner! I was interested to learn that most of his diagnosis was not based on looking at my feet, but from looking at my shoe.

He could tell things from the shoe that you can’t from the feet, like how I walk and how my weight is distributed, which told him what to look for in the x-rays. Also, this happened, because of course:


I’m glad I went. I’m getting special custom shoe inserts that cost more than my rent, which I’m not sure my insurance will cover much of, but c’est la vie. It’s better than where I am now. At the moment, I can only wear my beat up gym shoes without foot pain. And since my work is moving to an office, that may look bad. Also I’m job hunting, have weddings to attend, etc that requires me to also not wear old gym shoes.

For every day shoes I was told to get a dancer’s pad to help control how my feet hold my weight. Anyway, it was kind of fascinating. We also discussed how far up the leg a podiatrist can go, where he said “I wouldn’t touch the knee”and gave me a brief lecture on the history of podiatry as a profession. Apparently I got a strictly feet-and-ankles podiatrist. :)