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"All About That Bass": a Body-Positive Song I Can Get Behind

Besides being so damn catchy, it's nice to hear some someone say "Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!".

As a curvy woman who for the better part of her life just felt fat, I wish a song like this existed when I was a teenager. My life changed in my mid-twenties when Mad Men came on the air because of the character Joan Holloway. She and I essentially have the exact same shape (Christina Hendricks is much taller than I am, so I have thicker legs) and she was the office bombshell! I discovered pencil skirts and how to emphasize my small waist and just generally felt a lot better about myself physically. For the first time in my life, I felt sexy instead of fat and ugly and not-thin enough. It didn't help that for the better part of my life, my family told me that I was fat and all I needed to do was lose weight to "look good". Thankfully now, even though I'm currently single, I do have a string of past beaus who thought my body was just fine the way it was - there are plenty of men who like thicker women, just like there are plenty of men who prefer thinner women.


I do wish she hadn't put in a lyric about "skinny bitches" and included a thin woman in the video as the villain. The video would have been great with just more of that dude dancing! I'd like at least one body positive song that doesn't take a swipe at thin women. I'll give Meghan Trainor the benefit of the doubt that she's just calling out the women who fat shame others and concern troll, since the rest of the song is about thinking you're great just as you are.


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