Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A work in a little library, I have two coworkers. One is a faculty member and the other isn't technically a faulty member but might as well be. They have been working in the office in the mornings and from home in the afternoons this week. Its totally fine, we aren't busy and I can run the library by myself. BUT I can make it through the entire morning without having to pee and then 30 minutes after they have left, and I'm all by myself, I have to pee crazy bad! What's the deal bladder?! I made a "out for 5" sign for our door while I lock it for the two seconds it takes me to leave our library and run to the restroom*.


*Rereading that I realized it sounds strange, like we don't have a restroom, but we do. We are located inside another building, so while there is not a restroom inside our library I can leave the library and run down the hall to another one.

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