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All coccyx'd up

My roller derby league is preparing for a bout against another team in just under a month. I am not going to the bout (scheduling conflicts) but am committing to making practice so that we can all work as hard as we can to win as a team.

Two weeks into this season (so mid-January) I took two hard falls on my tailbone. They were mostly healed (mostly) and last night in the middle of a rather vicious scrum (I took a skate to the shin as part of it) I got knocked down on my ass again. Today is a little weird - having trouble sitting for any period of time. Don't worry, I'll follow up with my doctor if it's still awful by next week.

Bout preparation is a totally different beast for me - we spent 90% of our 2 hour practice/session last night scrimmaging. Usually it's more evenly split between skills and scrimmaging. I got one penalty, for pack destruction, which is really just a penalty of opportunity - the ref usually calls it on the skater closest to them. Getting penalties isn't fun, but it's a chance to practice how to get back into the jam after the penalty is over.


Weirdly, I prefer scrimmaging to skills. I need the skills, but am still slow and uncoordinated, so skills drills are a slog for me. Scrimmaging is much more fast paced and I feel like I am putting what I am supposed to be learning in skills to use. I still have a long way to go on being an excellent blocker, but I have definitely come along to a decent blocker. I'm also learning how to take a hit/stay up better, which is a plus.

I don't want to work on my coding - so feel free to ask questions about derby if you like.

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