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All-Consuming Rage OT

Good Day, Lovely Groupthinkers!

I have been a lurky-lurker lately but I hope you’ll indulge me with a place to leave my garbage ball of rage.


Here’s what’s making me stabby:

* My SEVEN year old daughter will not stop waking me up three or four times a night. Last night’s final wake-up call was 5 am, after which I did not sleep again. LOVE IT.

* It’s snowy and the roads are terrible. Naturally people are driving like morons. NATURALLY. IT’S GREAT.


* I hate my useless ex, who sleeps all the time, pays no child support, and goes incommunicado for long stretches only to resurface alive. HOW RUDE.


* Depression and anxiety flare-up started on new years day and can fuck right off.

* Since my brain has been an erupting volcano of rage, my boyfriend has decided it’s a good week to annoy the ever-living shit out of me. ENJOY YOUR PENIS, MUST BE NICE.


Soooooooo...what do you hate?

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