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All I wanted was a damn burrito with some verde salsa....

About an hour and a half ago I called into this cantina restaurant down the street for some delish takeout. The burritos are huge there and me and my s/o were going to split it. Not wanting him to be hungry because he tends to get food drunk toward the tail end of the week I added on a "Jamacian Jerk" chicken taco to my order. 30-40 minutes until my pickup time so I relaxed and watched some Mad Men.

Driving around the same block over and over waiting for someone to move so I can park my car when I get a call from the restaurant. I say hello, not knowing who was calling at that point. "The Jamaican Jerk taco you ordered is no longer available on the menu so what else do you want?!" "Umm, I assume this is Bel Air Cantina?" CLICK. She hung up. I am mildly annoyed that happened but more annoyed because I know my food will not be ready when I arrive, now officially over 30-40 minutes since I initially called. They call again, this time the person identifies who they are and where they are calling from vs. just blurting out a question and I choose a basic chicken taco on a corn tortilla in lieu of the Jamacian one.


I park, go inside, pay my $17 bill and mention what happened casually as I am tipping them. They explain the girl was new there and nervous on the phone, I totally get it (not really but I don't want to be a bitch). Cool. I wait for my order. The place is pretty busy. The host even comes over after a few minutes and assures me that the manager is about to come out with my food. This manager comes out says he wants to make sure everything is correct, that I wanted no queso but verde salsa instead. Yes, yes, cool.

I get home about to break into this exquisite burrito and I'm fucking starving! NO VERDE SALSA. Instead I got two of the regular salsa. This always seems to happen to me and normally I let it go because I understand. I've worked in food service. I've read through those Behind Oven Doors posts and totally identified with them. But this... no, no way am I not sacrificing my salasa verde.

I go back down to the restaurant. Circling around only one time to find parking. As I am walking up to the manager who is right at the hostess station/area and he gives me this look... cocks his head and looks like he is annoyed to see me again. I tell him about my missing salsa and he tells me he watched the guy put it in the bag. NO NO NO. Opens up the container and sees the two regular salsas and I tell him that must be what he saw the person place in the bag/container. He turns and says as he is walking away that he will be back. I'm thinking in my head that I want my taco for free or a complimentary drink while I wait or SOMETHING to compensate for this overpriced food and my fucked up order and the fact I got all the way home before I realized because he assured me that he had my order correct. No, dude comes out with a dinky container of the right salsa and says "you are all set". No sorry, no nothing. I explained then that someone had allowed me to order something off of an outdated menu then hung up on me and now I was coming all the way back because of an incorrect order and he say "that isn't the first complaint we've had tonight". And I just shook my head and walked out.

Normally I never complain because people are new, people are shy, nervous, and MISTAKES HAPPEN. But it was too many mistakes for me to let slide in conjunction with his shitty attitude. I called the other location ( the original one) and talked to the manager there. He said he understands (as most manager do, prolly while rolling his eyes) and will try to get some of my bill comped etc. Maybe I shouldn't have left without having my issue properly addressed. I did not want to be rude and ASK for something comped, usually when a place fucks up they offer it.


How do you properly complain without being a dickhead?

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